ADS Campaingns

(Google, Facebook, Instagram, twitter)


Setting realistic and consistent goals for your business should be the first step in any marketing campaign. ADS campaigns are very versatile, since we can use them to target the user at different stages of the conversion funnel.
A good selection of keywords can make the difference between success or failure in ADS Campaigns. In this way we always start with “brainstorming” techniques and then we analyze each potential keyword to stay with the ones that interest us most.
We focus on search, but we most also analyze other options such as display network campaigns. The ubication. Especially important to eliminate unwanted clicks. Language. The bid strategy (automatic or manual) The daily budget. The device.
1.Register in Google ADS.
2.We specify the daily budget of your campaign.
3.We define the location of your target audience.
4.We choose the network.
5.We write your keywords.
The premise is very simple: It’s about doing experiments with some key elements of your ADS, such as calls to action, the title, the visible URL, the landing page or the copy.
No matter how well designed your campaign is, it needs a little pampering, attention and adjustments to do its best. But there is not point in obsessing and making premature changes either. That’s why we always establish regular monitoring times (for examples, every end of the month) to study what’s going on in your account and how you could improve.

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